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Alzheimer's sucks but my Granny is still here. She may not remember my name but she knows I love her and she still loves me. She may not know our little inside jokes anymore but she is still hilarious and I still get to hear her laugh. She may not remember the exact situations that I'm talking about when I tear up and thank her for always being there for me but she still feels special. I get to see her smile. I get to hold her hand. I get to kiss her cheek. I get to hear her stories even if they aren't 100% accurate. She is still loving, caring, beautiful and strong. She still feels love and joy. She still gets lonely and scared. She's still here! I thank God that she's still here. I love her so much and so thankful that I get to visit her. I know it means the world to her even if she forgets at the end of the day. I'll never forget. I cherish every moment. When people leave, they say gone but not forgotten. I refuse to let my Granny feel forgotten before she's gone!

Chris BarnettComment